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All-new BMW 5 Series Li Officially Launched with Strong Competitiveness to Win in Segment

June 23, 2017

(Hangzhou/Beijing) On Jun. 23rd, all-new BMW 5 Series Li was officially launched in Hangzhou, the city featured with innovative spirit. The new model boasts innovative technological equipment and sets new benchmarks in segment. In the environment of entrepreneurship and innovation prevailing across the country, Internet+ has been integrated into all walks of life, and “Time Waits for No One and Create Our Times” has become the mainstream belief for current social elites. With extraordinary product strength, all-new BMW 5 Series helps elites broaden their horizons, open up wider dimension and stride for new boundaries.

All-new BMW 5 Series Li initially offers several variants, including BMW 528Li, BMW 530Li, BMW 530Li xDrive and BMW 540Li. In addition to luxury line, BMW M Sport Package is available for locally produced 5 Series for the first time, to showcase the product positioning of aggressive and dynamic business sedan for all your aspirations. The new model has received positive market feedback since its pre-sale in the middle of May. Today all-new BMW 5 Series Li is officially launched in Chinese market with MSRP range between RMB 449,900 to 663,900.

Dr. Johann Wieland, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. Said, “BMW customers in China are younger than anywhere else. They are fast-moving, fast-thinking and fast-acting, and also pursue quality life. ‘Time waits for no one’ is the mainstream belief of the elites in the fast-paced Chinese society. The all-new BMW 5 Series is to cheer for them and go with them toward a more successful future! ”

The national launch press conference was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center, where G20 Summit once took place. Mr. Olaf Kastner, President and CEO of BMW Group Region China, and Mr. Jochen Goller, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. as well as Mr. Wu Gang in the role of Secretary Dakang in the TV drama In the Name of People also attended the launch event.

Perfectly combining dynamic styling, high class wellbeing, fascinating driving, and cutting-edge connectivity

All-new BMW 5 Series fully reinterprets dynamic aesthetics of BMW. With wider and sharper active air stream kidney grille, all-new hexagonal LED iconic twin headlights, the 5 Series exclusive crease line and Hofmeister kink connection and new element in tail design, the all-new BMW 5 Series Li is featured with strong strength and powerful presence, showcasing its identity as a dynamic business sedan.

The design of the new model has focused on both aesthetics and performance, and achieved nearly perfect balance between sport and comfort. The third generation intelligent resistance reduction active air grille will automatically turn on and off according to the driving speed. Other aerodynamics features include air breather, sharp lines and exterior mirrors. All-new BMW 5 Series Li offers two design line packages to satisfy Chinese customers’ diversified demands, i.e. Luxury Line and M Sport Package, and the latter is adopted by the locally produced 5 Series for the first time.

All-new BMW 5 Series Li is created for Chinese customers. Facing young customers, the new model is opening up a new era of comprehensive car experience with the cutting-edge 5 ways of HMI operations, including gesture control, NLU, touch screen, iDrive and thermo sensitive buttons. All the five ways enable convenient in-car operation. Take NLU as an example, owners could operate navigation, entertainment and telecommunication through voice control function with daily expressions.

Based on the understanding of current customers’ demands in comprehensive experience and excellent quality, all-new BMW 5 Series Li has created luxury experience for all senses. Contour lights in 11 color tones, 8 adjustable high-end fragrance sets, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system, all of these configurations have contributed to comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. With SYNTAK technology, the engine compartment has achieved great acoustic improvement. And new interior acoustic concept also includes the sound absorbers integrated into the headliner.

The dynamic performance of all-new BMW 5 Series Li once again surpasses its predecessor and takes lead in segment. Its outstanding dynamic performance comes out of the improvements of the following four aspects: the best drivetrain in segment, including the BMW EfficientDynamics B Series engines together with upgraded 8-speed automatic transmission; best in segment aerodynamics; comprehensive lightweight technology as well as excellent chassis combining dynamic and comfort.

In order to respond to passionate customers and salute to BMW classic sheer driving pleasure, BMW introduces the BMW 528Li Special Launch Edition. Its output is 165kW and peak torque is 310Nm, enabling the vehicle to accelerate from 0 – 100km/h in 7.4 seconds, while the fuel consumption is only 6.4L/100km. It is pretty good compared with other competitor variants within the same price range. The volume variant BMW 530Li can accelerate from 0 – 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds with maximum output of 185kW and peak torque of 350Nm. The top variant BMW 540Li can accelerate from 0 -100 km/h only in 5.6 seconds with maximum output of 250kW.

All-new BMW 5 Series Li is equipped with rich cutting-edge intelligent connectivity and leads the consumption concept of modern luxury in new era. Customers can connect their smart phones with vehicle and enjoy the value-added services such as mobility service and service reservation. Wifi charging for cell phone is available for all-new BMW 5 Series, and it is also the first premium business sedan with wireless Apple CarPlayTM in China.

execellent plant for quality product

All-new BMW 5 Series is a new generation model for Chinese customers, based on the CLAR platform. One advantage of the platform is weight reduction by extensive use of high strength steel and aluminium. Together with lightweight bodywork technology of the new model, all-new BMW 5 Series Li has reduced weight by up to 130kg. All-new model has promoted the comprehensive upgrade of the manufacturing platform.

BMW has established a good-quality and cutting-edge plant in Shenyang for the new model. The plant has four manufacturing shops and advanced technologies. The new plant is also a forerunner in “Industry 4.0” application in Chinese auto industry, and it has integrated advanced technologies into manufacturing process, such as big data analysis, things of Internet and digital twin technology, 3D printing. Therefore all-new BMW 5 Series Li boasts several fancies in segment features, including the pretty sophisticated press process, the most diversified body materials combination as well as the most complicated bodywork joining technology. So all-new BMW 5 Series has become the outstanding representative and cutting-edge locally produced model in China till now.

13 product upgrades and tailor made for Chinese customers

As the third generation long wheelbase version of locally produced 5 Series, the new model has demonstrated BMW R&D engineers’ in-depth insight of Chinese market and customers. It’s developed synchronously with the standard wheelbase version of the overseas market, and the two versions have undergone the same R&D and test processes. In addition, the long wheelbase version has been tested in extreme weather and road conditions in China for great quality and adaptability.

Besides, BMW has conducted 13 exclusive upgrades for the new model to offer luxury experience. Light carpet impresses you before you get into the car. The over five meters’ bodywork brings the longest wheelbase of 3108mm in segment. When getting into the car, you can enjoy the quiet by noise optimization. The rear seats are equipped with active ventilation and electric adjustment functions, the seat cushions and backrest with thicker foaming and comfort headrest; the touch command screen can be used to control nearly all the in-car functions for the rear passengers except driving. Other features include the rear axle air suspension and volcanic red Dakota leather seats, and panoramic sunroof with sky lounge is also a unique high-end configuration in segment.

Accumulated sales volume of over 8.3 millions with the past six generation models, and new generation 5 Series LWB is ready to win in segment

BMW 5 Series is the backbone of BMW family and benchmark of premium business sedan segment. It has achieved accumulated sales volume of over 8.3 millions ever since its birth in 1972, leading its segment in the past 45 years. Since its local production in 2003, it has witnessed sales growth in Chinese market year by year, and the sixth generation has won over 800,000 Chinese customers. The all-new BMW 5 Series Li develops with the times and is devoted to embracing changes and striding forwards together with social elites in the fast changes times. “Time waits for no one”, and the youth and dynamism and action spirit inspires the emotional resonance with its target customers.

All-new BMW 5 Series Li once again sets new benchmark in premium business sedan segment and opens up a new dimension for sport and premium business sedan segment. All-new BMW 5 Series Li with strong competitiveness offers the sheer driving and riding experience to Chinese customers and creates the best times for itself.

MSRP of all-new BMW 5 Series Li:

Variants Price (RMB)
BMW 528Li
Special Launch Edition
BMW 530Li Vantage
Luxury Style / M Sport Style
BMW 530Li xDrive
Luxury Style / M Sport Style
BMW 530Li Exclusive
Luxury Style / M Sport Style
BMW 540Li Executive 663,900

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